How to Negotiate an Offer Deadline Extension

Upfront disclaimer: This isn’t a post about negotiating a job offer’s details (like compensation, etc). This is just about negotiating (ie extending) an offer’s deadline. Most job offers come with a deadline attached. If you’re interviewing with multiple companies, these deadlines can be a bit stressful. Ideally, you want enough time to collect job offers,Continue reading “How to Negotiate an Offer Deadline Extension”

You Don’t Have to Manage, But You Still Have to Lead

So you’re doing quite well in your career as a software developer. You’ve proven your technical chops several times over. You always deliver the work you’re asked to do. Then, sooner or later, the question comes: “Are you interested in taking on a management role?” You think about a little. But you dislike office politics.Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Manage, But You Still Have to Lead”

The Principle of Least Surprises and Stakeholder Management

One thing people often get wrong about software work is stakeholder management, and one thing people get wrong about stakeholder management is minimizing surprises. This is actually pretty simple. There’s a design principle known as the Principle of Least Surprises (or Astonishment), which generally states that the behavior of a product should not surprise users.Continue reading “The Principle of Least Surprises and Stakeholder Management”


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