Our hiring process is what we can get away with

Here’s why Google hires the way it does but you shouldn’t. Every month or so on HackerNews, there’s a thread about how interviewing is broken which usually devolves into “Google (and the rest of the FAANGs) suck at interviewing”. Last year, I spent a few months working on The Holloway Guide to Technical Hiring andContinue reading “Our hiring process is what we can get away with”

The Software Over-specification Death Spiral

I see a common pattern with startups and teams I’ve advised or been a part of. I call it the Software Over-specification Death Spiral, or SODS for short. It looks like this: Product Manager (or CEO, Engineering Manager, etc) drafts up some sort of specifications or requirements for a new feature or product. Product ManagerContinue reading “The Software Over-specification Death Spiral”

Software as a Liability

On many teams I’ve advised or been a part of, code is generally viewed as an asset. Only some code, the “bad code”, is considered technical debt. The highest-performing teams, however, viewed things differently. For them, all code is technical debt on some level. Programming vs. Software Engineering Software requires two broad classes of effort. There isContinue reading “Software as a Liability”